Baltic Apheresis Working Group

The Final Annual Conference of Eco4Life "South Baltic Network for Environmental and LifeSciences to Boost Cross- Border Cooperation" was held in Szczecin, Poland, as a Pre-Conference for the ScanBaltForum in Gdansk 16-18th October 2013.

As a direct results of the conference, a "Memorandum of Understanding" on a Baltic Apheresis Working Group was signed between BioCon Valley, Scanbalt, Apheresis Center Rostock and network partners from Poland, Danemark and Lithuania.
Apheresis tecnologies are very safe and can be used to treat a wide spectrum of metabolic, immunologic and rheologic disturbances. The federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in North Germany is considered a leading region of apheresis treatment and research in Germany.
Nevertheless, there is an urgent need to consolidate register and clinical case data on apheresis treatment from different Baltic Sea Regions, and to develop within the Working Group new strategies how to properly design clinical trial protocols in particular disease entities.

Within the initiative, partners intend to develop common approaches for the conduct of clinical trials and for patient recruitment, including  pediatriac and orphan indications (“Baltic Apheresis Working Group”).